About Us

Team Believe is a group of Etsy sellers who love creating and supporting one another through treasuries. We are a moderated treasury team.  This team is still getting started and we are accepting applications for shops that fill a team need.

Thanks for your interest in our team! Here's what we're looking for...

* super photography
* a great eye for treasury curation
* beautiful shop offerings
* superb shop feedback
* the utmost respect for the Etsy TOU, at ALL times.
* support for your team treasuries
* you are welcome to be on other teams, we believe the friendships formed through Etsy are important  to you

* a shop filled with your beautiful treasures
* 8 team treasuries a month for one shop, 2 per week
-if you have multiple shops in the team, you will be required to make more treasuries:
- 2 shops on the team = 14 treasuries
* each treasury must include a minimum of 5 members in the first 3 rows and made with Etsy's treasury making tips in mind.
* you may NOT include any of your own shop items in treasuries you create.
* you must tag your treasury with "teambelieve"